IPhone 12 can be dangerous for people who use pacemakers

IPhone 12 can be dangerous for people who use pacemakers

At the beginning of the month Back A study by cardiologists in the scientific journal Heart Rythm found that magnetic and electromagnetic fields from the new MagSafe charging technology built into the iPhone 12 models (iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max) can disrupt pacemakers and even devices Regulating heartbeat.

According to Apple’s website, although iPhone 12 phones contain more magnets, they are not expected to pose a greater risk to medical devices in terms of magnetic interference than previous iPhone models.

Mac rumors StabThat Apple, in response to the study, recently updated its website with an additional paragraph. It states that people with pacemakers should use their cell phones at least 15 cm away for safety (and 30 cm if wireless charging is active) and ask the device manufacturer for more information on safe use.

Ask your doctor or the manufacturer of this medical device for information about the medical device, and ask them if you need to keep a safe distance between this medical device and the iPhone. There are many different types of medical devices, and manufacturers often provide recommendations on how to safely use the devices they sell near wireless and magnetic devices to avoid potential interference. If you think that the iPhone may adversely affect the operation of your medical device, stop using the iPhone

Read the The company’s website.

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