Investigators arrested major Hungarian criminals outside the country

Investigators arrested major Hungarian criminals outside the country

In both cases, international cooperation yielded results. In the UK, the father of the upper circle was also hanged on the net, which was also circled – Origo writes.

Tibor N and his father, N., were arrested. n. , who were cruising under an international arrest warrant, in Derby, UK. The court issued an international arrest warrant for both fugitives for budget fraud. Tibor N was on the list of most wanted criminals.

Investigators from the Life Surveillance and Targeting Division of the National Police Reserve Bureau of Investigation, along with their UK counterparts, have identified their whereabouts in England. On March 23, partner authorities arrested the criminals who were circulated at two separate addresses in a coordinated action. They will decide to hand them over at a later time.

The Gyula Court sentenced Miklos F. 8 years in prison for budget fraud. Another crime, also budget fraud, was prosecuted in the metropolitan court. You can expect severe penalties in this case as well.

Miklós F. wanted to avoid a harsh prison sentence that was already final, so he escaped at the end of last year. The staff of the Crime Division at Kiskaba Police Headquarters walked the road warmly. It has been proven that it is likely to be abroad. A European arrest warrant was issued against them, and the Kiskaba Police Headquarters asked FBI staff to help catch the top 50 criminals.

The National Bureau of Investigation of the Reserve Police contacted the Spanish Central Targeting Unit, which confirmed the presence of Miklós F.

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And on March 29, Spanish bounty hunters were able to identify and arrest the man in an internationally coordinated police operation in the resort area of ​​Alcludia, Mallorca. Miklós F.’s extradition will be decided later.

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