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Interview with Zalan Kiss on World Autism Day

Interview with Zalan Kiss on World Autism Day

Zakz: The song doesn't change the world, but I still think it's excellent for shaping attitudes. With the help of music, it is easier to draw attention to autism, because we cannot expect everyone to know everything about it on their own. I am always confident that there will be people who, after listening to the song, will be more sympathetic to children and adults like our son.

Zalan Kiss and Peter Zolnok

What do you think, as musicians, what can you do to make us a more inclusive community?

p number: So that we can do our work honestly and with a pure heart, far from politics and all interests. I'm trying to heal with my voice. With our sarcastic and self-deprecating lyrics, we highlight life's vices in an entertaining way. Through our music and concerts, we try to forget the sorrows and sorrows of everyday life, balance people's divisions and foster a sense of togetherness across borders here and abroad.

Can you tell us a few words about the animated video you created for him?

Zakz: My wife, narrator Adrienne Z. Kiss, imagined a cartoon exactly one year ago about how many rejections plague families raising autistic children, yet they don't give up. I wrote the music for this, Gabor Duba wrote the lyrics, and Ibolja Nemeth illustrated the story. In the video, we see not only how difficult institutional care is, but also how hard we as parents work for the well-being of our children. We don't give up “while breathing”…

What are the reactions to the songs released in previous years? Were there any reactions that were particularly profound or critical for you? Can you tell me a story like this?

Zakz: Every year, as World Day approaches, inquiries arrive one after another. Institutional staff and concerned parents sing one of our songs to raise awareness of autism. I'm always happy, because it proves to me that we've been able to put together something that a lot of people can really relate to. Once, on an occasion, my father asked me to say that I had written “Leszekén a voiced…”. With tears in his eyes, he shared with me how much this song affected him at the end of a hard day. I think I will never forget these comments.

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