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Interview with Lars Ryken. Farr has been vacationing in Hungary since Monday

One of the most special goals in Premier League history ‘celebrates’ his 25th birthday in the Champions League final.. A Dortmund man, who was just 20 years old, just seconds after being substituted, lifted the ball from running into Juventus’ goal, deciding the merits of a 3-1 battle for German success. An interview with Lars Ryken, who has since become the head of the youth department of Borussia, and Hungarian football is no longer in his life only because of Sandor Paul.

He had previously fantasized about the HollandBelgium Championship, but as soon as he turned 30 and was not in the national team, he considered this adventure, i.e. The opportunity came in Cyprus when Istvan Bognar could no longer really expect it. Things turn quickly – he scored a free kick for ZTE on January 29th and provided assists. The next day Arisz Limassol was called up to look for a good offensive midfielder, but the transfer window ends at the end of the month, so he didn’t have much time to think. He played nine matches in the Cypriot league and scored one goal. We also asked if he would stay in the island country.

Kevin Varga has been vacationing in Hungary since Monday. The 26-year-old and 13-times winger of the Turkish national team Kasimpaşa has spent the spring on loan at Young Boys in Switzerland. When he moved to Berne in February, he said he got a great opportunity because the goalkeeper’s goal was to win the league title. But looking back, the season didn’t go as well as he had hoped, and winning the bronze medal at the tournament wasn’t a success. Varga was a player for a few days when he got a chance to win 3-1 at FC Basel from former coach David Wagner. Then it did not occur to him that he would be a novice only once in the sequel, and in return he could play football four more times.

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