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International scientists and ELTE astronomers have discovered giant magnetic snakes on the Sun

International scientists and ELTE astronomers have discovered giant magnetic snakes on the Sun

A group of international scientists, including ELTE astronomers, have found hitherto unknown spatial structures, called “magnetic snakes” in the Sun’s magnetic field, which may help understand one of the Sun’s most stubborn mysteries, which researchers have been unable to solve. However I found an answer.

Our central star is still surrounded by many mysteries, but scientists are trying to find answers to everything. Thanks to the Daniel K. Inouye Solar System (DKIST) operating in Hawaii, researchers have been able to achieve the most detailed visualization of the magnetic field found in quiet regions of the Sun’s surface to date. the open Snake-like patterns They can answer why the Sun’s atmosphere is hotter than its surface.

Robert Erdely, Professor in the ELTE Department of Astronomy and the University of Sheffield, revealed:

Observations revealed and confirmed the existence of a long, serpentine magnetic field structure at ground level in the lower solar atmosphere, the chromosphere. Giant magnetic snakes may ultimately be responsible for providing the energy needed to bring the Sun’s plasma to several million degrees, as well as for the most powerful explosions in our entire solar system, the coronal eruptions.

The discovery by an international group of scientists, which also includes researchers from Eötvös Lorand University, may have an impact on the modeling of energy transfer between regions of the Sun, potentially opening new paths in heliophysics by understanding the great mystery. From astrophysics.

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