International organization: Pope Francis must protect immigrants against the Hungarian government

According to Human Rights Watch, Orban did everything to make Hungary an enemy place for asylum seekers.

Pope Francis’ visit to Hungary in April is an excellent opportunity to rebuke the Hungarian government for discriminating against refugees and migrants. Human Rights Watch global organization.

In recent years, the Pope has repeatedly drawn attention to the rights of immigrants and asked countries to accept those fleeing persecution.

In September 2021, during his recent visit to Budapest, Pope Francis asked the government to do so “Extend your arms to everyone.”.

However, according to the organization, the Hungarian government remains hostile to asylum seekers.

They are of the opinion that the Pope should call on Hungary to stop its hostile attitude towards refugees and persecuted people.

According to Human Rights Watch, Viktor Orbán’s government has done everything it can to make Hungary an enemy place for asylum seekers. They believe the Orbáns have practically dismantled the asylum system and are illegally and sometimes violently deporting migrants at the common border with Serbia. They add that anyone arriving in Hungary could face state-sponsored anti-immigrant propaganda.

Editorial photo: Viktor Orbán’s Facebook page

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