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Intel's FPS boosting solution now promises more framerates

Intel's FPS boosting solution now promises more framerates

In addition to Nvidia and AMD's FPS boosting algorithms, Intel is also developing its own solution. It looks like it could be an increasingly better option.

04/06/2024 -In recent years, both NVIDIA and AMD have introduced technology that allows us to squeeze more frames per second out of our games, without degrading the game's image quality too much. We were introduced to DLSS by NVIDIA, while AMD voted for FSR. Nvidia DLSS runs exclusively on the company's cards and also uses RT/Tensor cores during calculations.

Compared to Nvidia's DLSS solution, AMD FSR is more of an algorithm that is handled on the software side, so it has no special hardware requirements. The technology can also be fine-tuned, and 4 setup profiles can be set. Best of all, it works with on-board iGPUs or even with NVIDIA cards, and the GTX 1650 series was actually supported by the AMD FSR 2 without any issues. Meanwhile, Intel has also signed on with its own solution called XeSS. Xe Super Sampling will not be a simple software algorithm, but a solution that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence, similar to DLSS. However, in the meantime, it can remain completely independent of the manufacturer, that is, it works on both AMD and Nvidia cards. Recently, we can find this in more and more games.

Intel XeSS can now bring more frames per second to the kitchen, and it's even more customizable

Instead of the previous four XeSS profiles, players will have 6

Intel in the first days of April Cover it XeSS will be revamped at several levels after version 1.3. While players could previously choose from only four profiles in the form of Ultra Quality – Quality – Balanced – Performance, this will increase to six in the new version. With Ultra Quality Plus and Ultra Performance modes, owners of both powerful and really weak machines get an additional choice from Intel.

You can clearly see in the image above that while previously the Performance preset could “only” push Cyberpunk's FPS up to 66 FPS, Ultra Performance actually reaches 77. This is especially useful for owners of weaker video cards, as it is easy for other games to exceed 60 FPS depending on the newly introduced profiles. Developers will have to manually implement the new version into their games, but Intel says it won't be difficult.

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