Intel will offer the ATX12VO standard with the Alder Lake-S platform

This will increase the available efficiency, but requires new energy sources.

Intel appears to be subjugating the Alder Lake-S platform to the future in a number of ways, so the focus has not only been on support for the DDR5 standard memory, but also on the transition to the new ATX12VO standard. The essence of the latter is that it will only provide the 12 V branch to power the computer, which will increase the available efficiency, but motherboards will also become more complex, as they will have to produce voltage levels other than 12 V.

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The ATX12VO standard is simpler compared to the current ATX12V, even at the cable level that can be connected to the motherboard, because while the latter is 24, the former is only a 10-pin solution, and one or two of them must be used, depending on the needs of the system. The benefits under load aren’t great, but without a load, even the initial system consumption can be cut in half, which is no small consideration. At the same time, switching also means that users will have to use new power supplies developed on the ATX12VO standard, with these compatible motherboards of course.

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a Video Cards According to his information, power supply manufacturers need about 4 months to prepare for mass production of power supply according to the new standard, and motherboard manufacturers need about 4-5 months to validate the new design. Given that the Alder Lake-S platform will launch in the fourth quarter of this year, deadlines are pretty tight, so there’s a good chance that not all 600-series control bridge motherboards will switch to the new standard. However, transformation can start in the next generation and happen in the next step.

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