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Intel video card can be really powerful

Tényleg rendkívül erős lehet az Intel videokártyája kép

Intel has finally revealed the architecture of the Arc Alchemist video card, which seems to be a really serious challenge for Nvidia and AMD.

Although the most exciting development about Intel’s home in the near future is Alder Lake CPU-k Which is also closely related to the release of DDR5 and PCI-e 5.0. But at this week’s InnovatiON event, the manufacturer also looked a bit ahead of 2022, when the Blue Team will also come out with a separate (and non-integrated) video card.

They talked about the chassis of the part codenamed Alchemist in the Arc product line, which will have a 32 Xe core. These engines include 16 Vector Engines and 16 Matrix Engines, for a total of 521 CEOs for the entire graphics processor. This basically means that the video card that will be released in early 2022 will really be able to reach the previously rumored level of performance and provide our hardware with graphics performance similar to the RTX 3070.

In addition, the event demonstrated the practical benefits of Matrix engines, Nvidia’s DLSS and AMD competitor, the smart equivalent of FSR and XeSS technology. with this Scaled to 4K Two games already released, originally rendered in lower resolutions, proving that the technology is already advanced even before its release. So we have every reason to look forward to the release of Alchemist next year, which, in addition to encouraging AMD and Nvidia to develop more intensively, could also be a way out for some users of the video card shortage hell.

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