Intel did well last year, and the 7nm node is on track

Intel did well last year, and the 7nm node is on track

Intel announced business results for 2020, among the relevant announcements, the old new CEO also said a few words about the products.


The past year has been terrible for many, mostly financially – on the other hand, Intel is one of those who have come out well, at least according to the just-released annual business report, there can be no reason to complain. First, not only did they bring the set targets, but slightly exceeded them, the revenue and profit development corresponded to what was expected. Although year-over-year results show a decline here and there (for example, fourth-quarter revenue decreased about 1% from the fourth quarter of the previous year), full-year sales of $ 77.9 billion were up 8% from the previous year. . The gross margin, which shows the efficiency of production and service processes, has decreased somewhat (from 58.6% to 56%), which is largely due to various production problems. In any case, the board decided to increase dividends by 5% annually, so from now on, Intel’s share could bring in $ 1.39 a year for its owner.


Product information was also provided on the business report conference call: According to her, Ice Lake-SP Xeonok Mass production, or Rocket Lake-S Delivery of CPUs. The latter does not imply in-store transport here, so it’s safe to say it will only be available as of the end of March. Finally, we also talked about manufacturing techniques: Pat Gelsinger, a former technical director who returned to a management position on February 15, said the situation was improving with respect to the 7nm node, and they were ready to commercialize the processors made with. This does not mean that it originated before getting help from external sources It wouldn’t be necessary – it’s still among the plans.

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