Intel Desktop VGA will only work with proprietary BIOS

Intel Desktop VGA will only work with proprietary BIOS

By this, the company completely prohibits the sale of products that find their way into retail.

We recently wrote about it Intel’s custom VGA for OEMs is officially availableAnd, at the end of the news, we noted that packaged designs may also appear in retail, as is the case with many OEM products. Well, Intel quickly cooled down, company spokesperson A. Legitimate reviews Inform him that a special BIOS is required for the products to work.

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Specifically, the new VGA for desktop will only work in configurations with the B460, H410, B365, and H310C control bridges powering the 9th (Coffee Lake-S) or 10th (Comet Lake-S) processor, for which OEM partners can acquire BIOS t, which is necessary for VGA to give a picture at all.

Even if the product is included in systems without the appropriate BIOS, it simply won’t boot up. This also applies to Intel processors and motherboards sold to end users, so even if DG1 VGAs appear in the bag at retail, it makes no sense to buy them. With this step, Intel will also make testing very difficult, as you will not only need to have a graphics card, but also the OEM configuration in which the device will ever work.

There is no information as to why Intel imposed such severe restrictions, as this would narrow its markets significantly.

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