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Instead of the oven, the focus is on the kitchen in Artizán’s new unit in Buda

Instead of the oven, the focus is on the kitchen in Artizán’s new unit in Buda

We asked founder Gergo Fechetti about the concept of Bani.

After the bakeries in Hold Street and Óbuda, as well as the Fågel oatmeal shop, Artizán opens its fourth store in Budapest. How does Ban fit inWhat then?

Actually, I never thought we would open anything in a mall, but the space next to the main entrance of MOM Park is such a great location that we can’t miss it. And if – only because of the opening hours of the shopping center – we will be open until the evening, we thought boldly and dreamed up a place inspired by our Mediterranean travels.

Builder/Photograph: Bunny

It is difficult to classify a builder. He is the youngest member of the Artisan family. We also refer to each other as a “baking restaurant,” although we know that’s not an exact definition, as we also do gluten-free dishes. At the same time, it is a breakfast restaurant, where, as usual, lunch is also based on cereal. Here, the focus is on the kitchen, which creates new opportunities. Pan is the Mediterranean version of the word bread, which also refers to the region, and almost all of our dishes include bread in some form.

Then the fryerCan you have breakfast and wine in the evening in ne?

Yes, there are egg breakfasts, brunches, some pastries, and we’ve taken some of the popular bowls of veggie porridge. Generally speaking, we offer light, seasonal, and healthy lunches. In my opinion, an aperitif is one of the great manifestations of the Mediterranean lifestyle. simple but great snacks made with good ingredients, accompanied by some excellent wine or an aperitif; Or simply the triangle of grapes, bread and olive oil is an excellent accompaniment to the evening’s programme.

Photo: Bunny

in builder We also welcome guests with natural wine. I am convinced that natural wine in winemaking is the same thing as using sourdough when making bread. We also have Pampelle Spritz and non-alcoholic drinks made with fresh fruit.

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How well does Pan work as a bakery?What?

You can only buy bread in limited quantities here. This shop is definitely not a bakery, it is very different from the one in Hold utca or Bécsi út. In MOM Park there is only a small corner that is the bakery, with a much smaller amount of bread and three or four types of pastries that change from day to day, which will of course include our more famous products, such as kanelbullar or plain croissants, which we serve with butter or jam when eating them locally.

Photo: Bunny

What is the size of the new place? What is made here and what comes from other craft units?

The indoor space can accommodate twenty people, and the balcony with the same capacity will be opened soon. All ingredients, breads, pastries and baked goods come from Bécsi út. As with all of our stores to date, we consider it important that the guest gain insight into the food preparation processes. Here, the center of the venue is the open kitchen, where delicious Pan’ni dishes are prepared. And at the deli corner – as is typical for other Artizans – you can buy own-brand products from flour to granola, as well as wine on the drinks menu, among other things.

real, xii. The Neighborhood is, as the name suggests, we envisioned a ‘feminine’ place where healthy and light breakfasts, hot crunchy sandwiches and evening hors d’oeuvres could be found side by side. Everyone really can find what they are looking for here.

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