You will also be able to post to Instagram from a browser

Instagram is no longer a photo sharing tool

According to the head of the service, the new direction will become even more exciting.

A decade after it was made available, a major profile change was announced by the head of Facebook-owned Instagram. It has now been announced that it is not a photo-sharing service, but an entertainment service, Adam Mosseri said in the final part of his Twitter video series, which was posted on Twitter.

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Mosseri said Instagram is now admittedly focusing on creators, video content, shopping services and messaging. There will be amazing signs of this profile changing already in the second half of this year, with a lot of development and changes related to their work in the background.

Perhaps the announcement came as an honest surprise to the few, as Instagram has always tried to keep up with current social media trends. Mosseri wasn’t afraid to say names either, he said that Instagram wants to basically become a YouTube and TikTok-like solution. Regardless, users will still be able to share photos on it in the classic way, but for the foreseeable future, it is no longer planned to be the focus of the service.

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