Instagram exploded eleven years ago with a picture of a puppy

Instagram exploded eleven years ago with a picture of a puppy

Instagram, one of the most popular image-based social media platforms, celebrates its eleventh birthday on October 6. In 2010, the service began, at that time the iPhone 4 was the first phone in Apple’s offerings.

Eleven years ago, on July 16, 2010, the first photo was uploaded to Instagram. The community app was still running as a closed test under the name “Codename” at the time, and only the development team had access to the image sharing. Instagram became publicly available three months later, on October 6.

The first image was uploaded by co-founder and CEO Kevin Systrom, which shows the legs of an unknown baby golden retriever and Systrom’s girlfriend. The photo was taken at a taco booth called Tacos Chilakos in Todos Santos, Baja California Peninsula, Mexico – Books on the Guinness World Records page.

The application was made available on October 6 of the same year (2010) In the Apple Store, which is barely older than the photo-sharing app – And at that time it was already registered with the name “Instagram” that is known today.

By December 2010, the app had over 1 million registered users. Facebook in 2012 reached $1 billion in cash And I got the app in exchange for a share.

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