insta vs.  Truth: Erica Szabo showed her eyes burning, sore

insta vs. Truth: Erica Szabo showed her eyes burning, sore

From here, too, we wish the best of the actress, whose vacation did not go quite as she wanted or planned.

Erica Szabo is known throughout the country, mainly due to her popularity among friends. For him, too, it was more than crucial that being in the legendary series, which ended in the meantime, was no longer the case.

Erica had previously left the series but did not stop filming, and theater still plays an important role in her life. The always young star is also active on social media, slowly having 40,000 followers.

From time to time, many people face how different photos can be posted via Instagram than in reality. Recently, the stellar actress showed everything to herself, unfortunately now this has to do with pain too.

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On one side we can see the instas version and on the other hand we see the reality. Eye inflammation is more than amazing and tells it all. He joked that their puppy was afraid of him in the morning, but the situation has since improved.

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