The MSZP candidate has fallen back from Pécs, so Mellár can make his way to the ring.

At a joint press conference with Girgili and Attila Peterfi, Emre Bodnar, the Social Democratic Party candidate in Pécs, announced on Saturday that he would not run in the primaries. Tamas Millar, who was also going to start in this region, withdrew from the primaries on Thursday. However, it was agreed on Saturday, so in Baranya 1st constituency, Millar will remain a joint candidate supported by MSZP, Párogu, LMP and Jobbik.

According to the original plans, the MSZP and Dialogue had agreed in the Pécs, that is, they did not want to name candidates for each other, but this did not work: MSZP wanted to start Bodnár, the lawyer for the opposition mayor Attila Péterffi, but Dialogue voted for Millar.

According to Szabad Becks, Millar quit after the MSZP made him an offer: if he stopped, he could get a spot on the national roster.

Tamas Millar withdrew from the preliminary selection in Pecs

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According to Szbad Becks, the MSZP party made an offer to Dialogue Politicians.

In the Republic: Tamas Millar is the most popular candidate in the Pecs

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According to the poll, the Dialogue politician will also win the previous opposition elections and his pro-government opponent in 2022.