The Secretary of State previously reported this to the Financial Times.

Peter Sigarto, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, said the United States is preparing to interfere in the Hungarian parliamentary elections in 2022. financial times to his journalist.

The Hungarian Ministry leader theory is the popular American news channel, and CNNHe was interested, too, so he was asked what exactly Szijjártó meant by the United States preparing to interfere in the Hungarian elections.

Foreign Minister Ho ATV from his studio replied, for this reason

It is customary in this region to try to influence events from the East and West.”

The Minister then spoke of the Hungarian government’s opposition to the liberal “mainstream” in the EU as a “right-wing, conservative, Christian government” and its interest in making the EU not “the United States of Europe” but rather an alliance of a strong nation. States.

Peter Szijjarto also stated that Hungary’s vaccination rate is 70 percent, which he believes will increase further, but it would be better if it reaches 100 percent.


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