Regarding Hungarian-Russian relations, Mark Dillard said that all countries of this region have diverse relations with Russia.

Mark Dillard, Chargé d’Affairs at the US Embassy in Budapest, said the US does not want to interfere in the elections, as it respects Hungary’s sovereignty and democratic institutions. RTLto.

According to him, the upcoming elections are an opportunity for Hungarians to decide who should run the country and in what direction.

The question arose because Peter Sigarto was Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade He told the Financial Times reporter:That America is preparing to interfere in the Hungarian parliamentary elections 2022. Later, the siege of CNN Already dim“It is usual in this region to try to influence events from both the East and the West,” he said.

RTL reporter Mark Dillard asked whether the US government trusted Hungary in light of the Hungarian-Russian relationship. The official said that Hungary has a multifaceted relationship with Russia, as every country in this region and in such proximity has a multifaceted relationship with it. At the same time, Hungary’s contribution to NATO activities is appreciated, both in Iraq and Afghanistan, and in the current administration of the peacekeeping forces in Kosovo.

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CNN asked Szijjártó what he meant by the United States' desire to interfere in the Hungarian elections

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The Secretary of State previously reported this to the Financial Times.

Szijjártó: America wants to interfere in the Hungarian elections next year

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The Secretary of State already thinks he knows what tool the outsider will use.