Inmates of Britain’s new ‘smart prison’ will be given laptops and tablets

The British government has announced that it has already begun to brainstorm plans for the first so-called “smart prison”, where, according to the concept, laptops and tablets will be made available to inmates as well. The loader According to the new foundations, construction of the institute will begin in the fall at Full Sutton in East Yorkshire, to which the government will allocate a total of £400m.

According to the government’s ideas, the prison – which will operate using solar energy – will open its doors to prisoners in 2025, equipped from top to bottom with the latest technology.

According to the plans, inmates will be able to connect to the Internet through a purpose-built prison server, but they will not have access to the World Wide Web, so it is expected that they will not be able to use social media. as they like. The initiators hope that the inmates will take advantage of the opportunity provided by the Internet to search for a job or to train themselves, in light of this, they expect the entire project to facilitate the release of prisoners from prison to reintegrate into society. In addition, the new prison will also create hundreds of new jobs, for which former prisoners who will be released will also have the opportunity to apply for it.

Incidentally, the institute at Full Sutton, although it would be considered the newest of its kind, is not groundbreaking in the sense that a similar institution was already delivered in Northamptonshire in March of this year. Digitization is far from as prominent here as it is planned in the new prison under construction, but here also the education of prisoners is mostly on the table, and therefore, participants can take part in more than twenty different courses, which include all kinds of equipment and classes are provided scholastic.

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