Inflation: Aldi teams up with Cannon, the supermarket chain learns to save

It is an unusual new initiative from Britain’s Aldi, who is trying to fight inflation in the world, including Hungary and the United Kingdom. The convenience store chain, with the help of an international organization famous for its IQ tests, Mensa, has created an online test that shows how well customers are at budgeting and how well they see good deals – Writes and retail charged.


The survey contains 10 questions to help UK shoppers better understand their spending habits and how they can save. During the trial period, only a quarter of the participants achieved 80 percent of the test, which means that someone passed. Among the tasks, it was necessary to choose the discounted product that was worth it.

The test is part of the store chain’s new School of Aldinomics campaign, which also includes financial advisor Emmanuel Asuquo. The expert provided tips so that clients can save up to 600 pounds per year, or more than 250 thousand forints. According to the expert, although many care about their high expenses, they actually manage low costs more flexibly, and therefore waste money. Store chain according to This is especially important now that the cost of living is rising and inflation has broken a 30-year record.

They usually buy

Mammoth Cuts launched the program because, according to a poll, Britons know very little about the savings potential.

About 45 per cent of them usually go to the same store, only 24 per cent of UK consumers look at the cheaper one, and even fewer – just 16 per cent – bother comparing prices while in the store.

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Wine Academy has also been launched

The UK subsidiary has launched an educational program to not only break inflation and promote informed buying. In the past, wine lovers received some kind of training.

Distance learning at Aldi Wine School (the company’s wine academy) framework With the help of an expert, participants can learn about, among other things, the regions of wine production and how to choose the right wine for their food. By the way, the UK chain of stores was also waiting for thirty applicants for its wine club, where thirty people are elected every three months. For the first time, members will receive information about new wines available in stores and send them three bottles within six weeks. In return, the company expects honest opinions from participants. .

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