INDICATOR – SPORT – The defending champ took a hit, and the USA took on Finland in the opening game

The home team, the world leader, took the lead in the 18th minute with a man’s superiority, then the outside team first scored a disallowed goal, and then equalized from a distance.

The Americans dictated an incredible pace, and this was reflected in the goals of the last chapter, and in the end they finished the match with an empty net and saddened almost 14 thousand spectators. (4-1).

The Hungarians will meet the Americans on Sunday and the Finns next Friday.

In the opening match in Riga, the Slovaks led 1-0 and 2-1 against the Czechs, who turned the score around before half time, and no further goals were scored. (2-3).

Sweden’s success with one goal in the Hungarian round of 16

The Swedish ice hockey team defeated the German team 1-0. The Germans had a small field advantage in the first two thirds, but at the start of the final period, they conceded a goal due to their weakness on their team, and that sealed their fate.

In the Round of 16 in Riga, just as in Tampere, the co-hosts started with a defeat, and Latvia were easily defeated by the Canadian team, who joined the tournament with their only match against the Hungarians on Tuesday at the MVM Dome. The Maple Leafs took a 2-0 lead in the fifth minute, then doubled their lead each subsequent period, creating a half-dozen goal difference.

Seven years later, the Hungarian national ice hockey team is participating in the elite World Cup again, and our team will skate against Denmark on Saturday at 15:20. This is followed by the aforementioned match against the United States.

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World Championships, Tampere and Riga, 2023
Round 1, Group A

USA and Finland 4-1 (0–1, 1–0, 3–0)
Sweden and Germany 1–0 (0–0, 0–0, 1–0)
Group B
Slovakia – Czech Republic 2-3
(2–3, 0–0, 0–0)
Canada – Latvia 6-0 (2–0, 2–0, 2–0)