Indicator – Out there – Another California gold rush: someone found $50,000 worth of gold

Heavy rains and flooding hit California this winter, but a Sierra Nevada resident took advantage of the situation. He recently dived into the river near his home and, after 20 minutes of searching, brought back delicately shimmering objects.

As it turns out, he found $100 worth of gold in the water.

With rivers and streams inundated by winter rains, it is now as if Mother Nature targeted the mountains with a high-pressure washer and leached out some of the precious minerals found in the rocks and earth. New York times.

It’s been nearly 175 years since the California gold rush, which drew countless gold seekers to the area, but the quest for gold is still in the Sierra Nevada. A local woodshop owner told the Times that four years ago he found a nugget big enough to buy a new Ford F-150 pickup.

Someone has already found $50,000 worth of gold

By the way, gold diggers often hold meetings where they present their finds. At a meeting as recently as March, the attendees were shocked when someone pinned a two-kilogram gold nugget they had found with a metal detector.

There was $50,000 worth of gold on that table. We’ve seen more gold in the last two meetings than in the last two years combined

said one participant, adding that he found $750 worth of gold in California in April. Moreover, gold diggers like him predict that good will only come when the river’s water levels start to drop