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Indicator – local – they will be able to calculate the retirement age based on this

Indicator – local – they will be able to calculate the retirement age based on this

On average in the European Union, at age 65 – including the decline due to the coronavirus pandemic – life expectancy for men is 17.3 years and for women 20.9 years. In contrast, in Hungary, at the age of 65, the life expectancy of men is 13.2 years, and that of women is 17.3 years.

Thus, a Hungarian man retires on average 13-14 years, and a Hungarian woman 20-21 – András Farkas, founder of, writes in his newsletter 24 h according to

As a result of the preferential pension option, the retirement age center for women fluctuates between 61 and 62, but men have to wait until they reach the retirement age. In Hungary, 73% of men and 87% of women reach the age of 65.

According to the analysis, the time spent in retirement may increase in the coming decades due to the increase in life expectancy in old age.

It is planned to increase the retirement age in almost all EU member states to 65 years

– Andras Farkas noted, adding: Those Member States whose retirement age is currently 65 years or older make their future plans for increase dependent on the evolution of life expectancy at the age of 60 or 65.

13 out of 27 countries have already provided this solution and, based on the analysis, the EU is recommending it to Hungary as one of the agents of the pension reform carried out for 2025.

At the same time, the author said:

In Hungary, in a lifting cycle since 2010, the age limit of 62 years has been increased by 3 years to 65 years, which is currently higher than in eleven EU member states, and therefore there is no immediate need to justify an increase in the age limit within a period short time.

Gergely Gulias, Minister in charge of the Prime Minister’s Office, stated in the government information report of June 22: The Hungarian pension system is sustainable in the 10-year period, but in a longer period it is a demographic problem.