Indicator - local - students receive income in the new apprenticeship system

Indicator – local – students receive income in the new apprenticeship system

There is only three weeks left for the last year of primary school and their parents to decide whether to continue their studies or not. The deadline is February 19.

The majority of the 75,000 students who wrote the central admission last Saturday after the epidemiological measures will send their application form to the grammar school. The Education Office said students who were unable to take the January 23 exam can take the exam on January 28.

Eighth grade graduates can also apply to grammar schools, vocational grammar schools, technical schools, vocational schools, and vocational schools. Not all high schools require center writing, and many places can be entered on the basis of elementary school tickets.

a According to data from civil society organizations In the 2020/2021 academic year, 1,812,000 people will participate in education. 398.3 thousand people are studying full-time education in secondary schools, which is 12.5 thousand less than in the 2019/2020 academic year. Compared to the previous school year, the number of students in grammar schools increased, while the number of students in other high schools decreased.

A new professional training system

However, that process is expected to change from next year, Gaborn Polowski, Undersecretary of State for Vocational Training at the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (ITM), told INDEX.

The most important change is that students who complete elementary school no longer have to choose a profession, but a direction that suits their interests, i.e. sector.

In the first period, i.e. for two years in the case of the technical school, and for one year in the case of the vocational school, students learn basic sectoral knowledge that provides a broad view of the field. That way, the specific career could be selected later, and they could gain it with solid knowledge – the deputy secretary of state mentioned the most important benefits.

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From vocational training to higher education as well

The Certified technician ITM’s Deputy Minister of State for Vocational Training said that coaching is the optimal form of training for those who already have confidence in their career choice. The important point is that students work with the Technical School and Higher Education Institution,

They complete technical school on the basis of an advanced level professional program, after which they can automatically pursue their studies at the participating higher education institution.

Additionally, a higher education degree can be obtained in a shorter time by recognizing pre-set credits.

a Five years of technical training It combines the benefits of secondary and vocational education. In the new vocational training system, only four subjects must be taken for the entrance examination, as the vocational test is the fifth among the subjects of the General Certificate of Secondary Education. Gáborné Pölöskei said that the graduates here will have a great advantage in the admission procedure for higher education, should further studies be undertaken.

a School holidays During three years of training, career selection is made after the first year. In the following two years, students gain professional knowledge in the form of dual training, primarily in companies and entrepreneurs.

However, the biggest advantage of the new TVET system is that students who choose VET receive income from first grade onwards.

In the technical school, in full-time education, all students receive a general scholarship of 8,000 HUF per month for a period of two years. For the first year of vocational schools, this means 16,000 HUF per month for one year.

You can throw

From this year, special attention will be paid to students who are late in their studies, who sometimes find it difficult to overcome obstacles. Zita Majyar, head of the National Bureau for Adult and Professional Education, informed us.

a Drumming program Helps young people who do not finish eighth grade but are over 16 years old.

Program participants do not replace elementary school curricula but rather more freely,

Developing the competencies needed to move forward

He indicated the essence of the program.

Zita Majyar emphasized that within the framework of the program, there is no repetition of the primary education curriculum, but the lack of competencies can be filled with individual developments in order to start teaching the profession.

Students can spend a year on the program, but if they do well, they can go to workshop school for up to a few months, where they can have a part-time career that also certifies a university degree.

A sub-profession acquired in a workshop school makes the student suitable for a specific job and is considered a qualification recognized by the state. After completing the sub-profession, a full career can be obtained, because the young person participating in the program can continue his / her studies at the vocational school, where knowledge of the sub-profession is also taken into consideration.

(Cover Photo: Students of András Mechwart Vocational High School for Mechanical Engineering and Informatics in Debrecen will take the measurements on May 19, 2017. Photo: Tibor Oláh / MTI)

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