Indicator - Economy - Vaccine transit begins in Canada

Indicator – Economy – Vaccine transit begins in Canada

The Canadian Advisory Committee on Immunization, NACI, which has just been named amicably, revised the previous Covid protocol on Tuesday and recommended that those who received the first dose of AstraZeneca receive the Pfizer-BionNTech or Moderna vaccine in the second. Get it.

This method is called cross-pollination, and there has been long-standing talk that this solution may increase the effectiveness of vaccination.

The AstraZeneca vaccine uses a vector virus, and Pfizer and Moderna deliver messenger RNA into the body with the vaccine.

to NACI It reported that it intended to amend the current procedure with reference to the Spanish and British investigations. The Spaniards at a public hospital tested what happens when the AstraZeneca vaccine is given with a first dose and then Pfizer with a second dose, and found that 30 to 40 times more IgG antibodies are produced. In addition, neutralizing antibody levels increased several times in patients. In a sample of hundreds of people, no one was found to have severe symptoms of Covid after crossing.

The British test involving 800 people was reported by the Lancet medical journal: here Pfizer serum was given first and AstraZeneca second, and vice versa. They also experienced a stronger immune response, as in the Spanish study.

The Commissioner for Public Health, Theresa Tam, stressed that cross-vaccination is not new, this method of vaccination against hepatitis A and influenza has already been tried.

Changes to the vaccination schedule are also intended to speed up the administration of vaccines.

(Cover Photo: Toronto Vaccination Center on April 4, 2021. Photo: Steve Russell/Toronto Star/Getty Images)

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