Indicator - Economy - The train will also stop at the new Transport Museum

Indicator – Economy – The train will also stop at the new Transport Museum

The new third railway route will be built between Keleti Railway Station and the upper part of Kubania in Sections 80A – 120A, that is, on the railway lines from Budapest via two phones to Miskolc and via Ojszas to Szolnok – CEO of the Budapest Development Center announced The social networking site Facebook.

Dávid Vitézy wrote that the aim of the developments was to allow more suburban and long-distance trains to pass from these lines to the Eastern Railway Station.

The Hatvan and Újszász lines merging in Rákos together still represent one of the busiest railway corridors in the country, with 42,000 commuters per day.

In the inner section, which is now being rebuilt, a new terminal will be constructed at the Museum of Future Transport, Hungária körút, next to the former Northern Vehicle Repair Center.

At the new station, suburban trains coming from the Hatvan and Újszász-Szolnok lines will receive a new transport connection to Tram 1, and the new terminal can be used by up to ten thousand passengers per day, so its traffic will be measurable to Zugló.

Dávid Vitézy noted that the number of suburban trains can only be sufficiently increased if the capacity of the lines can be expanded throughout. Between Rákos and Hatvan, the complete renewal of the Hatvan Line has been going on for years and is slowly approaching its end, and now the Budapest division, which was missing and necessary for the unification of Hatvan and Újszász lines, has been initiated.

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Construction started this year between the Keleti railway station and the upper Kőbánya, and from the upper Kőbánya to Rákos (then to Rákosliget) the preparation for the next development in the Budapest development center will soon begin.

The BFK CEO also wrote that the development of the South Rotor and Outer Rotor is underway, with new terminals planned (Közvágóhíd, Nádorliget and Népliget on the South Rotor, and Egyenes utca residential, Rákosszentmihály, Újpalota and Pestújabhely Outer). Then it will be possible to start flights from the Hatvan and Jszász lines in the future, next to the Eastern Railway Station.

One of Budapest’s first railroad sets is undergoing a massive overhaul of hundreds of billions of Forintes. It expands the capabilities available to it.

The investments are being carried out by the National Infrastructure Developer and the Budapest Development Center with the support of the European Union, based on the government’s decision, according to MTI reports.

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