Indicator - Economy - The province in which the happiest people live has been revealed

Indicator – Economy – The province in which the happiest people live has been revealed

A few weeks ago, the Money Center launched a happiness test on a scale of one to ten. The portal was curious to know what Hungarians feel in general and what influences their happiness the most.

Based on the results presented, for the first question about how happy the respondent is, nearly a quarter of those who voted rated their overall happiness level as 8, while 15.3 percent rated it as 7 and 12.1 percent rated it 9.

The portal notes that although the assessment given by respondents later differentiates the picture, it can be stated at the same time:

Half of those who completed the test, about 56.8 percent, rated their happiness as 7 or higher.

By profession, entrepreneurs and expectant mothers feel more complete in their lives, with fewer retirees, unemployed people, and public sector workers.

Married people are also more likely to feel fuller with their lives than single people, and the article on the portal revealed that the more children they have, the more likely they are to be rated higher than one of the above questions.

a money center According to one of the maps, Veszprém is the happiest province, followed by Pest and Vas. According to this summary, only Budapest was ranked seventh, on a scale of 10, residents of the capital gave an average of 6.33 points for their happiness, as those who live in Szapolkes and Haido Bihar provinces.

The most unhappy respondents were in Heves County.

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