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Indicator – Economy – The forint fell sharply in the morning

Indicator - Economy - The forint fell sharply in the morning

On Thursday morning, the forint weakened significantly against the euro and the dollar.

At half past five in the morning, the euro exchange rate settled at 410.16 HUF, after Wednesday evening 409.55 HUF. The dollar rose from 394.02 HUF to 395.16 Swiss francs, while the Swiss franc rose from 417.26 HUF to 417.71 HUF. At about a quarter of an hour to twelve in the morning, the Hungarian currency had already crossed 414 compared to the euro, and then corrected again to the level of 413, 47.


Compared to the dollar, the Franc forint remained above 400, then rebounded and hovered around 398.70.



The news is that The Bratislava meeting of V4 speakers will be cancelledbecause the Czechs and Poles consider the Hungarian government to be a Trojan horse for Russia.

There were also volatility on Wednesday

Also on a rollercoaster on Wednesdays Forint sat. The weakening of the Hungarian currency began at 9:30 p.m. Tuesday, shortly after the media announced the two Rocket fall to a grain drying facility near Poland’s border with Ukraine. Two people were killed in the impact of the missiles.

(Cover photo: Péter Papajcsik / Index)