Indicator - Economy - The British captured Putin's girlfriend

Indicator – Economy – The British captured Putin’s girlfriend

13/5/2020 17:14

The United Kingdom sanctioned Alina Kabaeva as part of its crackdown on the Russian president. The accounts of the formerly retired Olympic rhythmic gymnast, who is considered by many Western governments to be a friend of Vladimir Putin, have been closed.

This action is part of a large-scale British action begun in response to the attack on Ukraine. The sanctions target individuals the government suspects of owning real estate on behalf of the Russian leader.

The British Foreign Office said sanctions had been imposed on Kabaeva’s grandmother, Putin’s ex-wife Lyudmila Ocheretnaya and several of Putin’s cousins.

According to the British government, Kabaeva has a “close personal relationship” with Putin, rumored to have had a partner in the past.

With this move, London overtook America. Namely, Washington has so far refrained from punishing Kabaeva for fear that it might further intensify hostilities between Moscow and the United States, the Wall Street Journal reported. to explain. Now, a Biden government official said Friday that the United States is still only investigating possible punitive measures.

According to diplomats from the European Union, it is The European Union also plans toHe will punish Kabaeva. Diplomats have previously expressed concern about the strength of the evidence against him.


The Kremlin has long denied any connection between Putin and Kabaeva. No questions were answered on Friday. In response to press reports in 2008, Putin said:

I have never liked those who, with their erotic imagination, put their noses into the private affairs of others.

So Putin never admitted his relationship with the 39-year-old former Olympic gymnast. British officials insist that Kabaeva is one of the Russian president’s confidants. By the way, after retiring from the championship, Putin joined the United Russia party. Kabaeva left parliament in 2014 and became the head of the new Russian media group, which controls pro-government television, radio and news channels. Earlier we also detailed we dealt with it The Olympian became a politician from a gymnast.

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(Cover photo: Alina Kabaeva, Russia’s world and Olympic rhythmic gymnast, taken April 14, 2008. Photo: Sergey Chirikov/ MTI/EPA)

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