Indicator - Economy - Starting Monday, traveling with tickets on some Volanobos flights will be a serious challenge

Indicator – Economy – Starting Monday, traveling with tickets on some Volanobos flights will be a serious challenge

Volánbusz announced Thursday that, in light of the epidemiological situation, it will introduce an emergency measure to protect passengers and bus drivers from March 29: in order to maintain public service on all its trips, in the municipalities where the company provides local services. Transfer service, also on domestic flights – suspends takeoff from the front door and separates drivers from the passenger compartment by hoop. This goes along with that

It will not be possible to purchase tickets on the buses.

We asked the company what to expect from passengers who will be boarding flights at a terminal as there is no purchase of a ticket nearby.

Our goal is not to exclude those who intend to travel, and to pay an extra: As a public service provider, we strive to ensure conditions for going to work and access to stores and institutions.

– Bus response to index search. He also stated that, as of March 29, during the period of temporary suspension of issuance of tickets on board the plane, their passengers who do not have portable devices to purchase tickets or passes or are unable to purchase tickets in advance for other justifiable reasons.

Ensure that they can exchange their tickets during the flight without any additional charges during the checks.

In their response, they indicated that their travelers already have more options to purchase their tickets or passes than previous similar measures: After cordoning, sales are still available through channels (ticket offices, ticket vending machines, transport ticket app and shared apps) and partners as usual. Additionally, MÁV-START ticket offices – at nearly 300 locations nationwide – can now be used to purchase April tickets between cities as a first step, starting Monday, March 29.

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It has also been reported that they are constantly working on engaging new sales channels. For their regular commuters, purchasing a ticket is still the best option. Their non-travelers are required to plan their trips in advance and purchase their tickets in advance. “thanks for understanding!” The carrier response has been closed.

(Cover photo: Some Volánbusz Zrt vehicles operate on long-haul and cross-city journeys before departing at the Budapest-Népliget Bus Station. Photo: Csaba Jászai / MTI)

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