Indicator - Economy - Putin's decision is clear and cuts off gas from the Jamal Gas Line

Indicator – Economy – Putin’s decision is clear and cuts off gas from the Jamal Gas Line

13/5/2020 12:26

Russia is working to cut off gas coming to Europe from the Yamal gas pipeline. Moscow imposed sanctions on the Polish company operating the pipeline, as mentioned earlier. With the current decision, another supply line has been cancelled.

Moscow decided two weeks ago not to supply gas to Poland and Bulgaria, so the two countries are looking for alternatives to replace gas. As Kyiv previously announced, gas supplies to Europe through the Sohranivka metering station were cut off this week. The current decision relates specifically to the Jamal gas pipeline.

Germany responded immediately because it was sensitive to the closure of the Jamal pipeline. The decision of Russia’s Gazprom was condemned.

In general, the situation has deteriorated to the point that the use of gas and oil as weapons has become a reality in several places.

Said Robert Habeck, German Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Change euronews According to his narration. On the other hand, Poland has complained that cutting gas supplies is a breach of the contract.

According to the Russian energy giant, European countries resented the sanctions for not allowing them to maintain gas pipelines and to participate in the life of the companies they invested in as a shareholder.


On Wednesday, the Russian government published on its website a list of companies subject to sanctions. Russian President Vladimir Putin intends to respond in this way to the unprecedented sanctions imposed on them.

Moscow has now also sentenced the owner of the Polish section of the Jamal pipeline, which supplies Russian gas to Europe, and the former German unit of Russia’s gas-producing Gazprom. These subsidiaries serve gas consumption in Europe.

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