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Indicator – Economy – Multi-billion dollar development begins in Lake Balaton

Indicator – Economy – Multi-billion dollar development begins in Lake Balaton

confirmed that Lake Balaton Railway development has been taking place on its southern coast since 2010, and since then the government has spent approximately HUF 73 billion renovating the line. Recent and additional developments are also very necessary because approximately 1.6 million people travel these sections a year.

Zoltán Pafféri, President and CEO of MÁV, said the major railway developments affecting Lake Balaton in recent years are “ripe”. He said that last year was the first time in a long time that the same number of people chose the train as the car to travel to Balaton, noting that the success is evidence of the results of the developments.

He added that after last year’s passenger record, which exceeded all previous figures, they expect that this year more people will choose railways and public transportation to reach their destination in Balaton. He pointed out that developments that also affect vehicle inventory, services, ticketing system, schedule and infrastructure do not stop.

Speaking about the developments in Balatonfenyves, he said that after the renovation of the previous track, the reception building will also be renovated, as well as passenger information and related parking infrastructure, MTI reported.

“Despite the difficult economic situation, work continues”

In his speech, Mihaly Weitzman (Fidesz-KDNP), parliamentary representative for the region, confirmed,

Perhaps never before have so many development resources come to Lake Balaton in such a short time as in the past few years.

The developments affected, among other things, the transport infrastructure, the railways, the Balaton boats, the Balaton bicycle circuit, the Sew Lock and the beaches. He also talked about the fact that during the 2018 renovation of the railway line from Lepsény to Balatonszentgyörgy it was already discussed that it would be important to renew the stations on the second most frequented railway line in the country.

Despite the difficult and difficult economic situation, this business can continue

He said.

He explained that as a result of the improvements, everything will be more modern and beautiful, from the passenger waiting rooms to the front station yards, waterblocks and even the passenger information system, and the improvements include accessible parking lots, bike racks, and ticket machines. He said that these developments will be able to stimulate the economy and the tourism sector in the region.