Indicator - Economy - Many people have lost twice as much weight during the pandemic

Indicator – Economy – Many people have lost twice as much weight during the pandemic

Many families still have large, non-essential food reserves in Hungary, and nearly a fifth of their families expect that they will not be able to consume the produce by the expiration date, which is more than double the amount that occurred during the first wave, it turns out. National Food Chain Safety Office (prophetess).

Nearly two thousand people participated in the second joint representative research of Nébih, Debrecen University’s GTK Institute of Marketing and Commerce and the TÉT Platform Association in May 2021. The survey highlighted that

People have adapted to the pandemic and have learned in part from the experiences of each wave in their food buying and consuming habits.

The shock of the first wave was clearly over, however, most people remained cautious.

In May of this year, a second quarantine survey was completed on the Nébih website in May 1910, it showed that in the third wave, shoppers went to the store a lot, but this is still far from the pre-pandemic period, and the proportion of online shoppers is growing exponentially dynamic. When choosing a product, taste and quality are still the most important, but the effect on health also came to the fore among the aspects.

Research data confirm that many families still have unnecessarily high food reserves. It affects 20 percent of households, fearing that they will not be able to consume the products within the expiration date. This is more than double the data tested during the first wave.

Respondents also reported a number of positives, such as the epidemiological situation

The amount of food wasted in their home decreased as they had much more time at home, cooking at home, and eating.

In contrast, more than half of the respondents found that more packaging waste was generated than before the pandemic.

That’s not very encouraging

Between the first and third waves of the epidemic, he gained nearly twice the weight they lost

The body weight of the Hungarian population has increased an average of another 30 decades since last spring. Despite all this, there are also positive trends in nutrition: three out of ten participants are trying to eat healthy, and they are starting to pay attention to their calorie intake and increase their consumption of vegetables and fruits. Positive is also that

Residents continue to pay more attention to food safety in the home than before the pandemic.

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