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Indicator – Economy – Katalin Szili: I haven’t changed in the last 30 years

Indicator – Economy – Katalin Szili: I haven’t changed in the last 30 years

Katalin Seely, formerly Speaker of Parliament, interview She gave to Mandiner, and among the proposals was that the politician had recently announced that he would transfer to the KDNP.

The former Speaker of Parliament explains from the outset that he completely stirred up the stagnant waters with this move, adding that his mission is still part of national politics.

Until now, the left has valued me: since 2010, when I left MSZP, I have only heard that I am a Fideszist, that I am an Orbánist. In this aspect, they could not even imagine someone serving their nation. That is why I do not even understand the indignation of the opposing side. I have now joined a community that represents the same world of values ​​as I do. Because I haven’t changed in the past 30 years

Catalyn Seely said.

The politician said that he has already trained in recent years, and also, according to him, the KDNP is actually a socialist Christian party. At the same time, he believes that it is wrong for Social Democracy to contradict Christian Democracy.

“If sometimes only through Jesus, we also see the upliftment of the oppressed and the weak, not to mention human love. This means that they think in terms of social democracy, which is atheistic in nature. This is not the case in other parts of Europe,” he added.

“MSZP is not a social democrat”

According to Katalin Selye, in the PSUE she tried to understand the importance of the party’s abandonment of the atheistic position before the regime change, which according to her point of view still exists in the party.

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“They didn’t do anything to contradict that. They couldn’t make people think that religious people could be suitable for the party.”

At that time, when I left, I said that the MSZP was not a social democrat, but it also succeeded in dragging its relationship with the nation into the abyss with its position on dual citizenship. He never dared to assume the importance of the spiritual life, including the Christian faith. And since the defeat in 2010, the Socialist Party has not clarified its relationship to the nation and Christianity

– commented the former Speaker of Parliament.

In the interview, Katalin Celi said that regarding Ferenc Gyurcsany – as long as he leads the opposition side – “the current ruling parties can sleep peacefully”. Then he assessed the opposition as already politically divided during the 2004 referendum period, and he was an implacable opponent of the Gyurcsany-dominated party elite, so he was not disappointed.

(Cover photo: Katalin Selye at the Laurentvi Zsuzana Reformed Church Center in Nagyvrad on October 19, 2022. Photo: Gabor Case/MTI)

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