Indicator - Economy - It is dangerous to buy plants online

Indicator – Economy – It is dangerous to buy plants online

More and more online shops are available to buy plants that will make your home and garden more beautiful. While the selection is very colorful, there are many risks to buying plants online. The plant you order may not be as beautiful and healthy as advertised.

It is much more difficult to transport a seedling or an annual plant by mail, and there is a high risk of serious damage to the cargo during the trip.

– said Laszlo Orlucci, President of the Professional Organization of Hungarian Ornamental Gardeners to the Hungarian nation.

The specialist added that most people still want to watch and choose ornamental plants alive. In his opinion, customers can also confidently choose in DIY stores that have a separate department store, where you can get good quality with a relatively high turnover.

However, the situation is not so rosy for stores and discounts. Although most ornamental plants are also available in Hungary, the condition of the plants displayed in shop interiors often leaves something to be desired, added László Orlóci, who justified this by saying that the plants are under artificial lighting. He also said that in retail chains, loaders are usually taken care of by factories, while in gardening stores, employees are taken care of by qualified personnel.

Horticultural fellows working in horticultural goods are specially trained on how to receive, handle and care for these goods and keep their decorative value at the highest level until the buyer purchases them.

The specialist indicated.

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