Indicator - Economy - Hungary opens differently from vaccination champions

Indicator – Economy – Hungary opens differently from vaccination champions

Vaccination against coronavirus vaccines is making good progress in Hungary, which was not proven by the fact that Viktor Orban announced on Tuesday night that he had had 2.5 million vaccines, so the gradual lifting of restrictions in Hungary could begin on Wednesday.

As for the great news, we’ve looked at its meaning exactly Globally, nearly 25 percent of the population has received the vaccine at least once, and we’ve reached the psychological limit, showing actions being taken or taken by the leading countries in the field of vaccination.

But first let’s see Hungary’s position on the world map for 25 per cent vaccination!

The The New York Times Based on its data, we are ranked 11th in the world with this indicator. Seychelles tops the list, with 66 percent of the population having had at least their first vaccination. Second is Bhutan (62 percent), Israel third (59 percent) and the United Kingdom behind the podium with 49 percent of vaccinations. It is followed by Chile (37), Bahrain (34), the United States (32), Malta (32), Monaco (30), San Marino (26) and Hungary. Here are the next ten countries:

When the states got there,
To vaccinate 25 per cent of the population?
1. Israel January 17
2. Seychelles January 27
3. United kingdom February 19
4. Chile March 12
5. the two seas March 22
6. United States of America March 23
7. San Marino March 23
8. Malta March 24
9. Bhutan March 29
10. Monaco April 2
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In addition, 9.4 percent of Hungary’s population has already received the two vaccines, which also puts them in 11th place. Israel leads this ranking with a vaccination rate of 55 percent. The outstanding performance is evidenced by the fact that 39 per cent of the population in second-ranked Seychelles has received both vaccinations so far, while in third-ranked Monaco 23 per cent.

Thus, more than 2.5 million people in Hungary have already received at least the first vaccination, which also means that the gradual opening, about which we have already written, is the first relaxation. This is of course different from the programs of other countries, such as the United Kingdom, Israel and the United States.

Bars and restaurants are already open in England

In England, it will enter the second phase of easing rules on April 12, allowing all shops, including hairdressers and beauty salons, to open from Monday.

Restaurants and bars can also serve food and alcohol outdoors. Gyms, spas, zoos, parks and libraries can reopen.

People who live in the same house can go on vacation within England. A wedding can be held for up to 15 people and a funeral for 30 people, while children can participate in any indoor session.

Moreover, football stadiums will soon be able to receive more and more fans.

Restrictions will of course be eased in Wales as well, where they can return from April 12 the students Schools, universities and stores can reopen, and entry and exit will be allowed again.

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A concert was also held in Israel

Israel had begun lifting the restrictions much earlier. Thanks to a lot of vaccines, shops, malls, markets, cultural and sports institutions can reopen at the end of February, but life also returns to schools, and on the first weekend of March restaurants can reopen.

Depending on the level of infection, the rules are applied to different areas, allowing 20 people to stay together indoors in the “green”, “yellow” and “orange” areas and 50 outdoors, while in the “red” areas 10 was a maximum For 20 people, weddings and conferences can be held in restaurants again.

Anyone can sit on the balconies of restaurants, but only those who have been vaccinated or who have already fallen ill and are healthy again. Israelis have already organized outdoor concerts in March for those who have been vaccinated.

They are tired of wearing a mask in Texas

In the United States, the situation is quite different, with rules differing from state to state, with Texas announcing in early March that masks are not mandatory in counties where the number of patients treated for coronavirus is not high and even most stores may be. Open.

Soon after, mask use was expanded across the country so that mask use was not mandatory indoors for those already vaccinated, as well as restrictions on restaurants eased, and two movie theaters reopened in Los Angeles in mid-March.

(Cover photo: People wait at the vaccination point set up at Kabusei Mor Training Hospital in Somogi Prefecture on March 15, 2021. Photo: Giorgi Varga/MTI)

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