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Indicator – Economy – Hungarian Lidl made an announcement, it will not be possible to get acquainted with the meat offer

Indicator – Economy – Hungarian Lidl made an announcement, it will not be possible to get acquainted with the meat offer

In preparation for the grilling season, Lidl Hungary is constantly expanding their range of seasonal grilled meats, and places great emphasis on the fact that as many of them as possible come from Hungarian suppliers.

Thus, the overwhelming majority of the assortment is domestic products, which not only guarantees excellent quality, but is also beneficial from the point of view of the Hungarian economy – they wrote in their ad sent to our editors.

Judit Toser, Director of Corporate Communications at Lidl Hungary, spoke about the fact that during this year’s barbecue season, customers are waiting for a much larger selection than last year, up 70 percent from last year.

We offer our customers more than 50 different types of grilled meats and meat preparations, including a total of 32 types of chicken, pork and beef, as well as fish. In addition to all this, he noted, 19 meat products add color to the offer, so everyone can surely find the one that suits them best.

There will be plenty to choose from

Grilled sausages are so popular that this year they make up more than a third of the range with a total of 19 products – read the company’s press release. They drew attention to the fact that the poultry meat would include different types of marinated chicken, duck breast fillets, chicken wings and thighs, but hash chicken legs, turkey grill sausages and chicken hamburgers would also add color to the selection.

In addition to grilled sausages and more

  • grill ring
  • sausage,
  • cup
  • marinated pork ribs and pork chops,
  • Hungarian bacon and beef flavors will also be available.
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Those looking for something special can also opt for the wagyu hamburger patty, as mentioned. As it turns out, seafood has also been added to the menu as a novelty, including grilled salmon filet, smoked salmon fillet, shrimp skewers, swordfish fillet, and hake medallion.

(Cover photo: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

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