Indicator - Economy - Hospitals owe 45 billion to suppliers

Indicator – Economy – Hospitals owe 45 billion to suppliers

In the middle of the pandemic, healthcare providers were in a critical situation, with Hungarian hospitals owing them around 45 billion forints, the Healthcare and Medical Technology Suppliers Association announced. According to their statement, further delay in the settlement of hospital debts is not only detrimental to suppliers, but also jeopardizes the smooth operation of the healthcare system.

The solvency problem of hospitals is not new, it has been around for decades, but in the current unstable situation caused by the epidemic, it is very important for companies to get a fair return on the products they provide.

they pointed out. They added that non-payment could bankrupt small businesses, but could also cause financial difficulties for large businesses.

According to the announcement, the settlement of hospital debts is a matter of a government decision, since the necessary budgetary resources are available.

Meanwhile, this year’s budget expenditures on curative and preventive benefits are HUF 77 billion less than the budget allocated for this purpose. Therefore, there is no financial obstacle for the government to settle corporate debts

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The organizations also contacted the relevant ministries and the Prime Minister’s office to urge the settlement of hospitals’ debts, but to no avail.

A significant part of the demand for medical devices in hospitals maintained by the Hungarian state is provided by the companies represented by their organizations.

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