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Indicator – Economy – Frost is coming, but the Ministry reassured everyone

Indicator – Economy – Frost is coming, but the Ministry reassured everyone

The ministry stated in the post, “We will be able to heat without disturbance, even if the weather is freezing.” The ministry explained that thanks to proper preparations for the winter, Hungary began the heating season with a gas reserve occupying almost the entire storage capacity.

The capacity of domestic gas stores is now about 86 percent, which is the level it was in mid-August. By the end of the summer, we reached 90 percent, which must be completed by November according to EU regulations. Despite long-term capacity extraction, which has peaked at more than 98 percent, there is still an amount that exceeds the European average.

The ministry wrote.

They also stated in the publication that “the consumption ratio figure that most accurately reflects the real situation is 57 percent in this country, which is the third highest value among European countries, more than twice the EU average. The available reserve is twice the annual household consumption in the year Almost the past. The ministry said that current needs can be met from local production and ongoing imports based on long-term contracts.

“Current natural gas reserves of around 5.7 billion cubic meters provide reassuring assurance that Hungarian households can keep their homes warm even in the face of extreme negatives. Households can do this inexpensively compared to the world, because thanks to utility cuts, they currently pay the lowest prices Gas and electricity in Europe,” as stated on the ministry’s Facebook page.