Indicator - Economy - Employers do not dispute the minimum wage of two hundred thousand

Indicator – Economy – Employers do not dispute the minimum wage of two hundred thousand

2021.10.01. 19:14

Zoltán Zsán Szőke, President of ÁFEOSZ-Coop, said that the employer’s side would not hinder the increase in the minimum wage, which has very high social support. He added that the negotiations have advanced a lot recently and that the position of the employers is also known to the government.

Zsán Zsán Szőke said that in the case of the already announced minimum wage of two hundred thousand, the employer would certainly demand a reduction in contributions. According to him, the biggest problem is the planned increase in the guaranteed minimum wage, since this amount will rise from HUF 219,000 to HUF 260 thousand according to government plans.

The expert also said that if this step is taken, the number of workers receiving the guaranteed minimum wage could rise significantly, from about seven hundred thousand to nearly one million. There are many people who are paid a little higher than the guaranteed minimum wage, but their salaries do not reach the planned 260 thousand fort.

Regarding the rate of increase of the guaranteed minimum wage, ÁFEOSZ-Coop will support the increase in two stages, even if the first stage will take place in January 2022 and the second in January 2023. The government, on the other hand, is more inclined to rise in one step. According to employers, this can only be achieved with a significant reduction in contributions of five to six percent.

Zsán Zoltán Szőke believes that this facility should extend to all companies NSwork aEmployees of companies facing difficulty should not be left behind. In addition, he clarified that it would be worthwhile to provide additional individual subsidies to sectors in distress a management forumson.

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