Indicator - Economy - According to György Matolcsy, success depends on 4T

Indicator – Economy – According to György Matolcsy, success depends on 4T

In the past five hundred years, states have done so

  • the money capital Formed,
  • Invented and Made New TechniquesAnd the
  • They are given to broad sectors of society Knowledge And the
  • Space was given to Talents Mandatory

– Central Bank Governor Giorgi Matulsi wrote Published in the article “Model 4T”.

According to the central bank governor, the same four sources are still the key to success today, with a fundamental difference: the reverse system. In the now ending 500-year era, the ranking of the four success factors was driven by capital, mobility, knowledge, and talent. Now the talents move the other three.

György Matolcsy gave examples of all T. types he calls early recognition of gifted in the family, and later in societies, as definitive. All citizens, young and old, should have full and free access to public knowledge. According to the central bank governor

Every family needs free internet access as an individual.

In the current technological revolutions, new highs are already visible in at least 8 regions: He was the first to write about renewable energy sources, and especially the use of solar energy.

György Matolcsy said that economic growth of the new era is also capital intensive, and success requires dynamic domestic capital accumulation, capital imports and capital investment at the same time.

MNB’s first man concluded his writing with a quote from Ray Charles:

Do not come back! I was there already.

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