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Indicator – Economy – A proposal has been developed to solve the housing crisis for civilians

There is a housing crisis in Hungary, with nearly three million people and a third of the population living in housing poverty, professional NGOs said in a statement sent to the parties on Monday.

For the situation to change, housing considerations, social policy and public opinion need to change. That is why we would like to bring it to the attention of the parties and coalitions before the 2022 parliamentary elections. Our housing proposalsTo integrate them into the electoral campaign and to involve them in their work in the case of the government

– Type housing organizations i.e. City Everyone’s Group, from street to apartment! Activists and experts from Habitat for Humanity Hungary, the Ocean Center and Városkutatás Kft.

Their suggestions include:

  • A predictable housing policy that reduces social disparities in the long run;
  • reduce and prevent homelessness;
  • Reducing housing poverty, expanding the nonprofit housing sector and the affordable housing group;
  • Reducing energy poverty through energy regenerations.

NGOs are proposing amendments to the law to enhance security and affordability of housing and to create a government body responsible for housing policy.

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