Indicator - Economy - A new head of national taxes has been appointed

Indicator – Economy – A new head of national taxes has been appointed

Under the leadership of László Sors, ​​the National Tax and Customs Office, now one of the best performing offices in Hungary, introduced innovations typical of the European Union, and succeeded in achieving the set goals. According to a statement issued by the Treasury on Thursday.

The Minister of Finance stressed that the virus crisis emphasized the importance of digital transformation, so the development of information technology in the tax office needs to be further accelerated. Mihaly Varga entrusted Ferenc Vagogli to the Head of the Tax Office to implement the new goals.

The office is already preparing a tax return on income tax of 5.5 million people this year, and online invoices launched in 2018 dealt a serious blow to black economy players, ahead of Germany and Austria in the whitewashing of the economy, according to the minister. To communicate.

NAV is one of the best operating offices in Hungary, no other organization can perform so many tasks effectively. About 1,200 different cases fall under the jurisdiction of the NAV, which is also unique in international comparison – explained Mihaly Varga, stressing that the tax office provides 94 percent of budget revenue, despite constantly lower taxes.

Mihaly Varga emphasized that the relaunch of the economy can only succeed by increasing competitiveness, and one of its most important pillars is to promote the development of information technology for enterprises. The government assigns a major role to the tax office in digitizing the economy, and this requires further development of the national tax and customs office in accordance with the new goals.

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The Minister of Finance confirmed that Ferenc Vagogli previously worked in the office as Vice President of Information Technology, and more recently as Chairman of the National Council for Communications and Informatics, where he also worked on the development of the information and communications sector.

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