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Indicator – Economy – A confidential message about EU funds allocated to Hungary appeared

Indicator - Economy - A confidential message about EU funds allocated to Hungary appeared

The document attached to the letter revealed that of the 13 issues mentioned in the committee’s latest assessment on November 30, the Hungarian government acted fully in only one case, namely the data communications transparency rules. Moreover, it partially addressed the problem of finding an answer to who is responsible for the lack of data that was revealed in the central data registry.

According to the newspaper’s report, the Hungarian government cannot explain the management of 11 kinds of shortcomings and weaknesses, which it did not address until December 7, and this may pose serious risks to the EU budget.

The European Commission’s letter stresses that it is not important to be a file undertakings They are all numerically defined, but done right in terms of content and quality. Conversely, the Committee believes that despite the government’s demand for clarification in legislation that foreign real estate should be included in asset declarations, this has not happened.

Also, the fact that tertiary ranking is not included in the legislation is also classified as a disadvantage Declaration of the origins of political leaders The Integrity Authority has the right to verify this. Because of all this, the committee left its proposal already drafted in September and November, which identifies three possible options, which are as follows:

  1. The European Council is required to suspend 65-65 per cent of the framework for commitment of the three operational programmes, Transport, Regional Development and Energy Efficiency. With this, Hungary will fall 7.5 billion eurosnearly three thousand billion HUF sourced from the European Union.
  2. As a second possible scenario, accreditation of these three programs will be withheld until the Hungarian government fulfills its 17 commitments. This means that their entire framework will be suspended, thus down from €11.4 billion. However, in this case, the Hungarian government still has two years to settle its situation with the European Commission, and it will also avoid losing money.
  3. The third option is to prevent public interest trusts from accessing EU funds.
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The page In his opinion, it is also possible that the Council will suspend all three operational programs and thus give the Hungarian government two years to solve the problem with the European Union, but there is also a great chance that they will decide to suspend the €7.5 billion subsidy.

(Cover photo: Julien Warnand/MTI/EPA)