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Indicator – abroad – the start of no-confidence procedures against Joe Biden
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Indicator – abroad – the start of no-confidence procedures against Joe Biden

In a previous article, we already addressed the fact that such action could be taken against the President of the United States.

Kevin McCarthy announced on Tuesday that he would begin the process, which will be led by three Republican representatives, James Comer, Jim Jordan, and Jason Smith.

I am directing House committees to open formal censure proceedings against President Joe Biden. Over the past few months, Republican members of the House of Representatives have made serious and credible accusations about Joe Biden

– wrote McCarthy, who said that based on these accusations, a “culture of corruption” could characterize the US president.

He called Joe Biden a liar

Kevin McCarthy called the opening a “logical step” and said it would give the House committees “full authority to present all the facts and answers to the American public.” The politician also stated that Republican investigations revealed that Joe Biden “lied” about his son Hunter Biden’s foreign businesses.

According to his claim, numerous witnesses proved the personal involvement of the US President and that Joe Biden himself, as president, spoke on the phone with his son’s business partners. He also added that the bank transfers are also proof that the Biden family won a total of $20 million from these deals. In this regard, McCarthy literally mentioned the case of Burisma Holdings in Ukraine.

In addition, he also noted that the Joe Biden administration tried to prevent details of the corruption case from being made public.

Regardless of which party or entity they voted for, these facts should be taken into account by all Americans. Americans deserve to know that public office is not for sale, and the federal government cannot be used to cover up the actions of a politically powerful family.

Kevin McCarthy said at the end of his announcement. The politician also shared the video on X (formerly Twitter).

With or without voting?

the CNN According to his news portal, McCarthy spoke several times in recent weeks, both publicly and behind closed doors, about his desire to start this process against Joe Biden. They wrote that too

After McCarthy’s announcement, the Republican majority in the House of Representatives must give its approval for the process to officially begin.

Republican sources told the news portal that McCarthy is confident that the process can officially begin by the end of September. They also added that McCarthy is expected to take another step on the matter at an event on Thursday, where the House investigations will be discussed. Another source familiar with the matter told CNN that McCarthy won’t be able to come up with details until after the vote (Meanwhile, McCarthy has not set a date for the vote yet).

On the other hand, others wrote that McCarthy appeared to override this vote with instructions. Jake Sherman, the journalist who was among the first to report the politician’s announcement, at least interprets it to mean that there will be no vote in this case (although McCarthy has previously and even in the past few days spoken about the fact that there will be no vote). Proceedings in such a serious case can be initiated without a vote.)

The White House denied this, and Joe Biden joked about it

CNN also recalled that Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, has been repeatedly suspected of corruption in recent years. At the same time, according to their claim, during the House of Representatives investigations, no direct evidence has been found so far regarding President Joe Biden obtaining personal financial benefits thanks to Hunter Biden’s foreign activities.

They also noted that the accusations against Biden were previously met with skepticism even by some Republican lawmakers. On the other hand, the radical wing of the party said: Reuters According to him, he has threatened in the past few days that they may try to remove McCarthy from the Speakership of the House of Representatives if he does not initiate this action.

The White House had previously stated that there was no basis for corruption charges against Joe Biden. The US President joked on one occasion at the end of last July Wire That Republicans could start impeaching him because inflation was down and they could no longer attack him politically.

In this spirit He replied Now White House spokesman Ian Sams has also responded to McCarthy’s announcement on social media. He wrote that Republican representatives have been investigating for 9 months, but they did not find any evidence against Joe Biden, and this was admitted by some party members. He also criticized that McCarthy did not vote to start the procedure.