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Indicator – Abroad – Some Democrats expect Joe Biden to step down, date set

Indicator – Abroad – Some Democrats expect Joe Biden to step down, date set

In the United States, Democrats want everyone from Barack Obama to congressional leaders to beg Joe Biden to withdraw from the US presidential election by Friday, the newspaper wrote. Axios.

Biden and his Democratic critics share a common passion: the intensity, certainty, and irreversibility of their positions. Both are planning fierce public and private campaigns to see who will capitulate.

In a phone call Saturday with his national campaign co-chairs, Biden said he was going full steam ahead, vowing to spend more time talking directly to voters, whether at town halls or news conferences.

Democratic lawmakers have gone from shocked to sad to mad since the debate 10 days ago. These are Democrats who, further depressed by Biden’s high-stakes interview with ABC, believe there’s nothing he can do to reverse the damage — or that he’s too old.

On Monday, when Congress returns, these things will hit the fan.

“People are worried about their own competition,” said a Democratic House politician. “But they’re also worried about the country and about democracy.”

“Everyone who isn’t named Biden or paid by the president knows the deep hole they’ve fallen into,” said one senior Democratic operative.

The Washington Post quoted a top donor adviser on its front page Sunday as estimating that for every 10 people who say Biden should step down, one says he should stay. According to the article, many of the people who publicly support Biden, at the behest of the White House and the campaign, are privately saying he has no chance.

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Many Democrats have already called on Biden to back down.

We previously reported that Minnesota Democratic Congresswoman Angie Craig wrote in a statement: “President Joe Biden is a good man and a lifelong devotee of service, but he believes he should step aside in favor of the next generation of leaders.”

So far, five of the 211 Democratic members of Congress have publicly called on Joe Biden to resign from running for president.

Hakeem Jeffries, the Democratic House leader, began a meeting with his party’s top lawmakers on Sunday. The House is on recess this week for the Fourth of July holiday, with the legislative session set to resume next week.

Biden has no intention of backing down.

On Friday, the president delivered a pre-recorded address to ABC News National Television, which aired during prime time. In an interview He insisted he had no intention of backing down, saying only “God Almighty” could make him withdraw from the race he is running against Donald Trump.

He responded to the voices calling for him to withdraw from the Democratic Party by saying that he had heard them, but in his opinion they did not represent the overwhelming majority.

Asked about polling showing Donald Trump gaining ground, the president said he knew they were tied. Responding to data that only 36 percent of Americans approve of his job as president, Biden said he doesn’t believe that and that their internal polling shows otherwise.

The ABC News interview was Joe Biden’s first television appearance since the June 27 presidential debate, in which he admittedly performed poorly. The performance was surrounded by serious scrutiny. MTI writes that the White House inserted several unplanned interviews into Biden’s schedule to compensate for his debate performance.