Indicator – Abroad – Northern Hungary has one of the lowest life expectancies in the European Union

the eurostart According to recent data, life expectancy at birth in 2019 81.3 years oldin 2020 80.4 years oldand even less in 2021, 80.1 years old volts. As they write, the coronavirus pandemic may have played a role in the decline.

The life expectancy of women (82.9 years) in 2021 was higher than that of men (77.2 years). Compared to 2020, the life expectancy of both women and men decreased by 0.3 years.

Between 2002 (the first year for which data were available for all EU member states) and 2021, life expectancy at birth in the EU increased by 2.5 years, from 77.6 years to 80.1 years. The increase was 2.0 years for women and 2.9 years for men.

Spain tops the list

Life expectancy at birth for Member States In Spain (83.3 years old), In Sweden (83.1 years old), in Luxembourg And In Italy (both 82.7 years old) was the highest in 2021, while it was lowest in Bulgaria (71.4 years old), Romania (72.8 years old) and Latvia (73.1 years old).

Regions of the European Union with the highest life expectancy at birth in 2021:

  1. Madrid (85.4 years old),
  2. Navara (84.8 years old),
  3. Finland’s Aland Islands region (84.6 years old),
  4. Castile and Leon (84.3 years old),
  5. Autonomous Province of Trento (84.2 years),
  6. Stockholm (84.1 years old),
  7. Cantabria in Spain and the Basque Country (both 84.0 years old),
  8. Galicia (83.9 years old).

Also in the top ten are Ile-de-France and Rhône-Alpes in France and the autonomous region of Bolzano in Italy, both at 83.8.

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Hungary mode

The EU regions with the lowest life expectancy at birth are all in Bulgaria: northwest (69.7 years), north-central (70.4 years), southeast (71.0 years) and north-east (71.2 years).

These regions are Mayotte in France (71.5), Northeast (72.0) and Southeast (72.1) in Romania, Northern Hungary (72.1)It is followed by the Bulgarian Southwest (72.1) and South Central (72.2).