Indicator – Abroad – China is strengthening its relations with another country

The Chiomara Castro: I have already entrusted to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Edward Reina to manage the relevant matters. “You have to be practical and do what’s best for the people of Honduras,” Reina said in an interview with a local television station.

However, opposition representative Thomas Zambrano drew attention to the fact of this

The government’s decision may have an impact on Honduran-American relations.

He emphasized that the United States is Honduras’ most important trading partner and that many families in Honduras depend on remittances from relatives working in the United States for their livelihood.

Before his election, during the election campaign, Castro said he would like to strengthen his country’s ties with Beijing, but in January 2022 he said he hoped he would not have to sever ties with Taipei. There are no diplomatic relations between Washington and Taipei, but the United States is the main supplier of weapons to the island.

Apart from Honduras, Taiwan maintains diplomatic relations with only 13 countries. After the announcement, Taipei warned the Honduran leadership not to “fall into China’s trap” and not to destroy the good relations between the island and Tegucigalpa.

China’s ambassador to Mexico City, Zhang Jun, congratulated the decision and highlighted on Twitter: The one-China principle is one of the basic principles of international relations. China considers Taiwan, which has had an independent government since 1949, to be a part of it, and Beijing has previously said it would take care of reunification by force if necessary.

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Tensions between Beijing and Taipei increased dramatically after Nancy Pelosi, then Speaker of the US House of Representatives, traveled to Taipei last August. In addition, Chinese warplanes regularly violate the island’s air defense zone, MTI writes.