Indication - Outside - Donald Trump is restless, and now he is thinking about seizing the voting machines

Indication – Outside – Donald Trump is restless, and now he is thinking about seizing the voting machines

He said Donald Trump wants the US Department of Homeland Security to confiscate the voting machines used in the US presidential election on November 3. New York times.

According to the newspaper, Donald Trump criticized the opportunity on Friday despite many opposition from his environment. His attorney, Rudy Giuliani, spoke to DHS CEO Ken Cuccinelli Thursday about the confiscation of the voting machines, but was told the department had no right to do so.

To check the voting machines, he writes A to Z AP Donald Trump reportedly wants to ask Sydney Powell, the attorney who recently claimed that there are software running on voting machines in several major federal states that were written on instructions from former Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez. Hugo Chávez passed away in 2013.

According to the New York Times, the idea of ​​taking over the voting machines only indicates that Donald Trump is willing to resort to increasingly extreme means to reverse the outcome of the presidential election. After November 3, his campaign staff filed more than 50 lawsuits on suspicion of electoral fraud, but all of his case claims were dismissed, including one filed with Texas Supreme Court Attorney Ken Paxton and joined by prosecutors from 18 federal and republican states.

The reversal of the presidential election result holds little hope because on Monday, December 14th, a total of 538 federal voters in the states formally announced Democrat Joe Bident as the next president of the United States. Joe Biden, 306, supporting the election of Donald Trump 232. The Democratic candidate won 81,281,502 votes in the presidential election, seven million more than the outgoing Republican president (74222593) who was able to collect it. By the way, they are also the leaders of the list, there have never been as many votes for a presidential candidate in US history as the number of votes. Then comes Democrat Barack Obama, who won 69498516 votes in the 2008 presidential election.

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