Indianapolis may be the savior, but the Turkish quarantine is getting in there too

Indianapolis could also replace the Japanese Grand Prix, but quarantine rules in Turkey prevent that.

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This year, Formula 1 hasn’t swam all year without changes either. At the start of the season, they still had high hopes for this season, but changes are unavoidable. CanadaAnd Australia And Singapore next to Japan He also said goodbye, but it was not decided where he could replace the Suzuka Tour.

However, the first appears as a popup with Turkey There are also issues as the site is still on the UK’s Red List. According to the rules, 7 teams will have to bribe in a hotel for 10 days due to the mandatory quarantine, but this will not be possible for the parties according to the current schedule of the competition calendar. Thus, the formations involved will be exempted or Istanbul Park will be excluded from this year.

However, the United States may offer two other options. COTA can hold up to two races in a row (plus Austria), but the look of elsewhere has also been raised. Indianapolis hosted the US Grand Prix between 2000 and 2007 and is rumored to be happy to bring it back to replace one of the races.

the cars and sports According to his information, the place in the circuit counts, but since Turkey is marked in red, conducting races and traveling with equipment will put Formula 1 in a difficult situation. Indianapolis can only become an option if the field does not visit Istanbul on October 10.

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According to AMuS, the alternative to the Australian Grand Prix could be Qatar, according to the race schedule, the racing circus will move from there to Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi.

But since the October period is quite problematic, the sport is even looking for a complete reorganization of the remaining rounds.

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